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Lamb Delicacies


Rajasthani Laal Maas £6.95

Baby lamb cooked slowly in a rich brown mild sauce, a delicacy from Rajasthan in Northern India. (Nuts, Dairy)

Lamb Kali Mirch £6.95

Marinated tender pieces of boneless lamb cooked in a mild sauce of whole dry spices and black pepper with yoghurt. A Kashmiri speciality. (Dairy)

Dum Phukt £6.95

Tender Lamb, half cooked in aromatic spices and then flavoured by slow steaming in a sealed earthenware pot. This recipe is from hundreds of years ago during the Mogul period.

Rara Gosht £6.95

Cubes of baby lamb and mince cooked with ginger juice, nutmeg and a blend of North Indian spices.

Lamb Chettinad £6.95

From Tamil- Nadu in South India, this Karri is quite rich in spices. Chettinad is a style of cooking that has its roots in the Tamil-Nadu. This Karri is a fine example.

Bhuna Ghost Adraki £6.95

Boneless tender lamb cube cooked in a skillet and strongly spiced to give a predominant flavour of fresh ginger and green coriander.