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Chicken Choice


Makhni Murgh £6.45

A very popular dish found in most restaurants in Delhi where no chef ever dares to change the recipe. Tender boneless chicken cooked in a clay oven, then simmered in butter and cream sauce, flavoured with fenugreek and coriander. (Dairy, Nuts)

Chicken Chettiand £6.45

A very famous South Indian dish cooked with karri leaves & spices.

Karahi Chicken £6.45

Chicken cooked in a skillet with spring onion, peppers and tomatoes.

Chicken Tikka Masala £6.45

Britain's favourite chicken Karri, chicken tikka in a masala sauce enriched with ground almond and fresh cream. (Dairy, Nuts)

Tawa Chicken £6.45

Tender juliennes of chicken cooked in onion and tomato sauce with predominant flavour of fresh bell pepper and ginger. (Gluten, Eggs)

X'cuti Chicken £6.45

A Goan speciality wedding dish – chicken cooked in a sauce of grated coconut, and red chilli's. Ideal with fluffy basmati rice.

Punjabi Kukkar £6.45

A traditional dish from Northern India's Punjabi community. Succulent pieces of fresh chicken cooked with onion, green chilli and ground spices. Strongly spiced but highly flavoursome.