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Main course from the Tandoor


Tandoori Mixed Grill £9.95

Our special kebab platter comprising of Bihari Boti Kebab, Lamb seekh kebab, Haryali lime chicken, Malai Tikka, Tandoori chicken and Tandoori King Prawn (Crustaceans, Eggs, Yoghurt, Nuts)

Chicken Tikka £6.95

Succulent pieces of chicken marinated in yoghurt, spices and garlic – cooked over the charcoal in the tandoor. (Yoghurt)

Bihari Boti Kebab £6.95

Boneless lamb chunks marinated with yoghurt & spices. Cooked in the charcoal oven. (Yoghurt)

Karri Twist Salmon £9.95

Fresh salmon marinated in white wine and delicately spiced cooked over charcoal. Served with mushroom, potatoes, peppers and onion. (Fish, Yoghurt)

Grilled Ajwaini Sea Bass £11.95

Fresh whole sea bass marinated in yoghurt, white wine, garlic & ginger paste served with sweet and sour sauce. (Fish, Yoghurt)

Chicken Shaslik £6.95

Boneless pieces of special chicken tikka, whole mushrooms, onions, and peppers skewered and cooked in the Tandoor. (Yoghurt)

Tandoori King Prawn £9.95

Delicately spiced king prawns marinated in yoghurt and cooked in the tandoor. (Crustaceans, Yoghurt)

Tandoori Chicken £6.95

The most famous Indian food. Tandoori chicken is loved by people all over the world. Barbecued chicken cooked in the clay oven. (Yoghurt)

Tandoori Paneer Tikka (v) £6.95

Chunks of curd cheese, peppers, and onions on a skewer, cooked in the tandoor. (Cheese, Yoghurt)