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Vegetable Side Dishes


All vegetable side dishes are £2.95

Sag Paneer

Fresh spinach and curd cheese. (Dairy)

Begun Masala

Baby aubergines sautéed in mustard oil with spices. (Mustard)

Mushroom Muttar Masala

Button mushroom and garden fresh peas in a tomato based sauce

Chana Masala

Chickpeas cooked in a medium spiced tomato based sauce with chana masala.

Tadka Dal

Yellow lentils cooked on a slow fire, tossed with onion, garlic and butter.

Bombay Aloo

Baby potatoes in dry mild sauce.

Lasooni Palak

Fresh spinach puree sautéed with golden fried garlic.

Gobi Aloo Masala

Cauliflower and potatoes.

Bhindi Du Piazza

Okra with onions.

Bihari Mirch Aloo

Spicy baby potatoes with green chilli and black cumin seed. A special potato dish from Bihar State.

Onion Bhaji

Fried onion bhaji fritters.